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If you have been injured by the negligent or wrongful acts of another, you may be entitled to compensation.  When meeting with one of our intake experts for a free consultation, many of our clients ask us what this actually means.

“Compensation” in a personal injury, wrongful death, or similar case is a monetary award that is the result of a settlement agreement or an amount awarded in a verdict.

Compensation is meant to make a person “whole” again as much as possible.  The compensation you may be entitled to depends on many factors, including the seriousness of the injury and who was at fault, among many other factors. Typical compensation in personal injury cases is for:

Medical bills

Lost wages

Loss of earning capacity

Pain and suffering

Emotional distress

Diminished capacity for the enjoyment of life

Loss of companionship from a loved one

Compensation is paid by the company, organization, or persons who are responsible for the injury, their insurance carrier, or a combination thereof. In some cases, there are several potential defendants. For example, if you are severely injured by a drunk driver, potential defendants include the driver and the car owner.

We make it a point to regularly communicate with our clients to ensure they are informed about what is happening with their cases. It is important to us that the people who entrust us with their cases do not feel like a number. We strive to make sure our clients understand their rights, the process, and what compensation they may be entitled to – and what exactly that means.

Case Types

Tenants injured by negligent landlords.

Is your landlord a slumlord? You may be entitled to compensation if their negligence in maintaining the property causes you injury.

Victims injured in auto accidents and motorcycle accidents.

If you were injured in an auto accident, you may be entitled to compensation, even if you were partially at fault.

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